How to Properly Marinate a Chicken

Red meat, fish or chicken… They are perhaps one of the most important protein sources in our diet. Especially chicken is more preferred than red meat or fish because of it’s lower price point and amazing taste if cooked properly. But now let’s talk about the delicious part of our article.


It is no secret that one of the most important flavor secrets of a chicken is how to marinate it. The freshness of the chicken, how you marinate it and the marination time decide how your chicken’s going to be. Usually, red meats and chickens marinated before the cooking begins. In this way, we can make the softest, most delicious red and chicken meats. It can also be applied to fish, but it isn’t as popular as red and chicken meat. But how can we marinate and unlock this secret potential that lies deep inside our meal?


First of all, be sure to use the chickens that you are sure to be natural and high quality. And don’t wash these chickens. Cut your chicken into pieces of any size or leave it as a whole if you wish. Then get your marinade ready in a separate container and make sure you have slightly acidic olive oil and use plenty of spices.


Then bring your chicken together with the marinade. If you have a very high acidic content in your marinade, like lemon and vinegar, do not marinate for a long time. At maximum let it rest for a few hours. If you don’t use such an acidic material, you can marinate your chickens in an airtight container for a night. Marinated chickens will take all the marination as they rest and turn into a lump of very delicious chicken meat. Don’t add salt in this marination stage. You can add it before or during the cooking. This way the meat will be softer. Marination process can take a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 24 hours.

How to make a chicken meat marinade?


Whether you use chicken wings or chicken breasts, in all kinds of marination sauce make sure to use olive oil. The quality of the olive oil will be the deciding factor of your meal’s success. Another important thing is to use a lot of garlic! Yogurt, kefir and yogurt juice are the most important softening ingredients for chicken meat. When yogurt and kefir are integrated with chicken meat, it makes it smooth and delicious. What’s more, it helps other spices and ingredients to pass more deliciously to the chicken.

Black peppercorn, fresh or dried oregano, rosemary, sage, and basil… These ingredients are the secret to making the most delicious chicken ever. If you want a spicy chicken, you can use spices such as mustard, powdered red pepper, and chili pepper. Those who like more sour tastes can use lemongrass, soy sauce, and lemon. Now it’s time for your marinated chicken to be cooked and prepared to eat.

Have plenty of health!




  1. Thank you very much for this great post. I have to say that I enjoy marinating my meat overnight because all the flavors really come together and make the meat that much tastier and succulent. I am a fan of extra virgin olive oil and fresh garlic because these two ingredients are very healthy, with antioxidant and antifungal properties that I especially love. When I cook my marinated meat, I always make sure not to overcook because this will be such a waste of all that marinating effort. Meat is great when it is well-marinated and well-cooked — then you can really enjoy it.

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    1. Marinating is the best right? These things might appear to some people as too hard to do or they just don’t have enough time for it but cooking is a perfect hobby to escape from your daily life and do something just by yourself or with the loved ones!

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