What is Clean Eating and Why Everyone Should Know About It?

We always talk or hear sentences like “I really need to lose some weight.” or “I can’t go there I’m on a diet.” in our daily life. Especially when summer is slowly closing upon us. The result that everyone wants to get is clear; lose weight and look better. However, short-term diets are not only dangerous, but they are also causing us to regain those pounds. Because we’re changing the way we eat for a short period of time, not our eating habits! But what we actually need to do is really simple and it’s called clean eating. It doesn’t give you a list of what you eat and what you don’t for a time period. It paves the way for a lifestyle!


Clean eating is one of the leading topics in the world of nutrition for a long time. It aims to ensure that people are eating properly, avoiding unhealthy weight loss, and are nourished properly, according to our body’s needs. Thus, it is thought that even irregular eating habits and nutrition disorders such as obesity will be prevented. And to achieve this we need to remove all processed foods from our lives.

Clean eating encourages us to eat and use all-natural grown fruits and vegetables and protein-rich grains. This way it helps us to be happier -both physically and psychologically – individuals.


Let’s agree from the beginning that it will be very difficult to leave our habits at the first stage. But we can put clean eating into the middle of our lives if we give ourselves time and gradually moving forward with it.

In the first stage, we need to push processed products out of our lives as much as we can and then completely. It is also necessary to stop consuming the artificial sugar completely and reduce the salt as much as possible. But we still need to get some salt into our body for our overall health so don’t drop it completely. Make a habit of looking at the contents when you’re shopping at the supermarkets and update your shopping lists this way. We also need to use natural olive oil while making our dishes, sugar-free, fruit-based desserts, homemade yoghurts, kefir, and cheeses will be the most important players in our daily eating.


Like we said before, changing habits take time but all this effort comes with a bunch of benefits! We will see a weight loss after removing all the processed foods in our lives and thanks to the vegetable proteins we won’t feel hungry as much as before. Natural fruits and vegetables also help with oedema and swelling-like conditions in our body. In addition to all these, a clean diet can help with the cardiovascular diseases and with the symptoms of many diseases related to nutrition.


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