Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina, also known as blue-green algae, is a type of algae in the class of cyanobacteria that consist 70% of proteins. It also contains many different vitamins and minerals and grows in tropical regions, oceans and fresh waters. Even NASA astronauts take it as a food supplement so we’ll be talking about a lot of benefits!

It Has A LOT Of Calcium

Spirulina contains 26 times more calcium than milk so it’s seen as a great supplement especially for the protection of bone health during the pregnancy and in the elderly.

The Only Non-animal Alternative For Vitamin B12

Spirulina is especially valuable for its vitamin B12 content and is the only plant source that contains vitamin B12 that normally we can get in our body only by consuming animal foods and it should be consumed especially by vegetarian individuals.

Supports Muscle Development

Spirulina supports quick muscle development in the athletes. It helps the body recover itself quickly because of its high protein content and it’s used by many Olympic athletes.

Refreshes The Body

Accelerates wound recovery and improves the inconveniences caused by malnutrition. Reduces the effects of many factors that negatively affect our body such as stress, smoking, alcohol and etc.

Helps Lose Weight

Thanks to the high protein content, it provides a feeling of fullness for a long time. It also prevents unnecessary fat build-up due to its low-fat levels. As it supports the digestive system, it promotes the healthy functioning of the intestines. At the same time, spirulina contains a substance called phenylalanine that gives the individual a feeling of fullness and combined with the protein content it can be very helpful for losing weight.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Spirulina contains a fatty acid called GLA that can be found in nature very rarely and thanks to the GLA, it decreases the risk of developing arthritis and heart diseases. It can also prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol disorders and prevent cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Protects Your Skin

Its benefits for skin beauty are quite high. The antioxidants remove free radicals and toxins from your body and have a direct impact on skin health. Also the vitamin E, selenium and tocopherol combined with the antioxidants show anti-aging effects on your skin.

Protects Against Fungal Infections

Candida is a yeast species that can be found in the body and the presence of large amounts of it makes us much more sensitive to diseases. With the increase in sugar and non-natural ingredients in our meals, our body can undergo major changes that can promote its reproduction and leave us vulnerable. Fortunately, spirulina can help us. Studies on animals have shown that spirulina has antimicrobial effects, especially against Candida species.

Spirulina, regardless of the age of the individual, is an important supplement for the body and the best way to benefit from these nutrient-rich algae is to consume it raw or in a pill form. However, please consult your doctor about the appropriate dose before using it. Food supplements can be very dangerous when taken in high doses. 



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