Benefits of Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water is one of the most popular wellness trends of recent times. Especially if you work in office environments you can observe that water-bottles filled with lemons slowly take place at all tables. So what are the benefits of lemon water?

The Crown of Alkaline Diets

Lemon water helps to remove acid residues by alkalizing the body. This is the number one reason for those who follow an alkaline diet to lose weight and stay healthy.

High In Vitamin C

Thanks to the high vitamin C content, it acts as a shield against diseases by strengthening the immune system and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that lemon water prevents problems such as flu, cold and sore throat or minimizes the symptoms of these diseases.

A Powerful Antioxidant

Regular lemon water consumption destroys undesirable bacterias in the intestines and activates liver enzymes. Liver deals with all the toxins in the body and disruption of its functions can be a very dangerous situation. Therefore, using additional supplements which activate liver enzymes that remove toxins might be necessary for certain situations.

The Most Powerful Weapon Against Constipation

Regulating bowel movements are also among the benefits of lemon water. Just one glass of lemon water in the morning rearranges bowel movements.

Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

All problems in the mouth and gums are affected by the strong healing effects of lemon water. Regularly rinsing your mouth with it heals mouth ulcers and minimizes the pain and swelling. Lemon water can also help with bad breath but what is important here is to dilute the lemon with water instead of consuming it directly. Otherwise, tooth enamel may be damaged by its acid.

Say Goodbye To The Stress

Many health problems can be prevented from inflammation to cancer with the reduction of uric acid in the body.

Also To The Morning Coffee

The number of people who wake up in the morning with a desire to drink coffee is astronomical. However, consuming excessive amounts of caffeine early in the day causes various health problems from insomnia to heart palpitations. Instead, you can boost your health by switching to lemon water!

But like everything, if you consume too much, you might experience some health problems. Excessive lemon water can have a diuretic effect and this causes water loss in the body. In addition, it’s well known that excess lemon consumption can cause both acid reflux in the stomach and sensitivity in the teeth. Lemon water consumption shouldn’t be excessive and people with chronic diseases should consult their doctor in case of unexpected side effects.



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