Pumpkins: Benefits and Nutrition Facts

In the winter our metabolism slows down and we become more vulnerable to infections. Our skin takes its share from the weather too, it dries more and loses its color. Especially in cold winter days, women complain that their skin is dry and cracked. However, the materials that provide the radiance and freshness to your skin are not only in cosmetics stores but also in your kitchen! Pumpkins promote skin renewal with its antioxidant minerals and vitamin A. If you are observing these changes in your body then it’s time to add the pumpkin to your daily diet list! Now let’s take a look at its incredible benefits:

Lowers Your Risk of Cancer

Like carrots and sweet potatoes, pumpkins have high levels of beta carotene, protect us against cancers and facilitates the removal of harmful free radicals from our body. Studies have shown positive results in especially against lung and prostate cancers.

Improves Eye Health

Thanks to its rich vitamin A content, pumpkins are very valuable for supporting our immune and reproductive system and also protect and improve our eye health. Several studies have shown that vitamin A provides increased visual acuity, especially at night-time or in places with insufficient lighting.

Strengthens Immune System

Besides vitamin A, pumpkins also contain significant amounts of vitamin C, E and folate mineral. Which are also very important for strengthening the immune system and protecting us from diseases.

Improves Blood Pressure And Sleep Routine

As an excellent potassium source, pumpkins play an important role in balancing the blood pressure, and by consuming pumpkin seeds regularly without any salt, our HDL (good) cholesterol level increases and blood pressure lowers. Also, pumpkin seeds support regular sleep routine by balancing the tryptophan and serotonin levels. But since pumpkin seeds fall into the fat group that we consider healthy, portion control is very important.

Improves Bone And Muscle Health

Its high potassium levels aren’t only effective for blood pressure, but also for the bones and muscles. Athletes usually eat a portion of pumpkin in their diet for quick recovery and thanks to its texture, we can easily make a smoothie from it!

Prevents Kidney Stones

It also helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones by accelerating urine output while supporting the fluid balance between cells.

Stimulates The Intestines

The high fiber content promotes absorption of other nutrients while stimulating the intestines and enhancing the bioavailability of these nutrients.

Prevents Diabetes Complications

Studies have shown that if people with Type 2 diabetes eat sufficient fiber in their diets, they are likely to have more control over their condition and also fibers can help to prevent complications associated with diabetes.

Nutrition Facts

1 cup, mashed (245 g)

% Daily Value*
Calories49.0 (205 kJ)2%
Total Carbohydrate12.0 g4%
   Dietary Fiber2.7 g11%
Total Fat0.2 g
   Total Omega-3 fatty acids4.9 mg
   Total Omega-6 fatty acids4.9 mg
Protein1.8 g4%
Vitamin A12231 IU245%
Vitamin C11.5 mg19%

Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)

2.0 mg10%
Riboflavin0.2 mg11%
Potassium564 mg16%
Manganese0.2 mg11%
Copper0.2 mg11%

*Per cent Daily Values are built on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your metabolism.

Pumpkin Honey Mask


  • 2 tablespoons of mashed pumpkin 
  • Half a teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of fat-free yoghurt 


  1. Clean your face before applying the mask.
  2. After thoroughly mixing the three ingredients in a suitable container, apply to your face and wait for 10 minutes.
  3. Then wash your face with warm water and dry it completely.

This facial mask will help you to remove the dead skin from your face by creating a peeling effect.



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