Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic food is a very simple concept. In order for a food to be organic, it’s enough to meet several different requirements:

  • Pesticides, antibiotics and hormone derivatives shouldn’t be used during production.
  • Artificial feed shouldn’t be used on animals.
  • Genetically modified seeds or animals shouldn’t be used for production.

Contains More Nutrients

Pesticides, non-organic fertilizers and hormone derivatives disrupt the intracellular structure of the products. These substances also affect the vitamins and antioxidant structures produced inside the cell.

Organic products also contain more antioxidants and vitamins than non-organic products. In fact, there are studies showing that organic products can contain up to 69% more antioxidant substances than non-organic products. We even know that organic meats have more omega-3 fatty acids but contain less saturated fatty acids than non-organic meats. This means that organic meats change blood cholesterol levels in a positive way.

Contains Less Heavy Metal and Harmful Components

It’s no secret that the soil, animal feed and many more things have been polluted by humanity. The damage we are doing causes more accumulation of heavy metals and other harmful components in the environment. This also contributes to more harmful component migration from animals and plants to humans. Notably, heavy metals like cadmium can accumulate in the human body and cause many diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Studies show that organic products contain 45% less cadmium than their non-organic counterparts. But still, the level of cadmium in non-organic foods is within acceptable limits. Even some studies have found no change in the risk of cancer among individuals who consume organic and non-organic foods.

Prevents Antibiotic Resistance

Every place you come in contact with in your daily life is surrounded by bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, and these organisms can always make you sick. Mainly the organisms on the food you consume. The solution is mostly antibiotics. But the main problem is that the antibiotics you will use are given to animals in very high doses. These high doses can cause various mutations on harmful bacteria to defend themselves against antibiotics. Therefore, the treatment will be a difficult process and require different drugs and high doses. All these problems originate from one point and that is the excessive antibiotic usage in animals! Therefore, non-organic meat is very dangerous for antibiotic-resistant bacteria and can cause serious infections in humans.




  1. This is good! I recently began making the switch the organic foods and I can really tell a difference! My skin and mind are clearer and my mood is just better overall. I try to tell everyone I come in contact with to switch to organic!


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