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Best Foods For Joint Health

Inflammation is basically the name given to all responses to foreign bodies, dead and injured cells and pathogens. Inflammation causes heat increase, swelling, pain and most importantly cell destruction. Although, these responses against sudden events are necessary for your body to remain healthy, persistent inflammation can lead to deterioration of tissues. If you have a rheumatic disease with inflammation that constantly affects your joints, you can have healthier joints with these inflammation-reducing nutrients.

Omega-3: The most important factor that enables joints to move on each other is a tissue called cartilage and this tissue can be eroded by the effects of inflammation which can be caused by wear. Wear can cause pain, difficulty in movement, and joint stiffness. As a natural anti-inflammatory nutrient, omega-3 fatty acids prevent inflammation in the joints. These acids will reduce the pain of your joints and provide your body with the environment it needs for healthier joints.

Turmeric: Another natural anti-inflammatory food is turmeric and it’s very useful for your joints. Also, several studies have shown its effectiveness against certain cancer types.

Garlic: Thanks to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances, garlic not only protects your joints but also protects you from seasonal diseases by strengthening your immune system.

Almond: Almonds protect your joints from damages by making your cell membranes healthier with vitamin E.

Rosemary: Another very important anti-inflammatory nutrient is rosemary. It reduces swelling and stiffness in the joints. In addition, it facilitates digestion and increases blood flow and therefore it’s a must for a healthy diet.

These anti-inflammatory nutrients are very important for keeping your joints healthy. However, in order to reverse the damage that has already been done to them, promoting the reconstruction process is also important.

Apple: Collagen enables the joints to be more resistant to impacts and is essential for maintaining their functionality. Apples contain an antioxidant which is called “quercetin” and this substance helps to extend the life of the collagen tissue and increase its durability. Also in addition to the apple, quercetin is also abundant in onions.

Beans: Beans contain important amino acids for joint health as well as various antioxidants. When consumed regularly they help to repair the joint tissue.

Broccoli: Several studies in 2008 have shown that broccoli reduces the risk of joint diseases. Broccoli owes this effect to a substance called “Sulforaphane” that is very effective in neutralizing the oxygen free radicals formed in the body and making the joints more healthy. Oxygen free radicals form naturally by the mechanisms in the body or as a result of external influences and damage the cell structure and are responsible for cancer and cell aging.

Lastly, pay attention to your fluid and vitamin intake. Insufficient fluid intake reduces the amount of “synovial fluid” present in the joints that reduces friction and in a long period of time this extra friction causes the joints to wear out and sufficient amounts of vitamin C, K and D support the health of your joints.

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