How to Grow Microgreens Indoors?

Meet the tiny versions of those vegetables we see in grocery stores! Don’t let their size fool you, in fact some of them have 9 times more vitamins and minerals than the regular sized ones and some even have proteins in them. The smallest form of the vegetables that sprout from the seeds is called microgreens. They can be produced from chickpea, lentil and bean seeds and even different vegetables like purple cabbages.

These vegetables produced for the first time in China and contain more vitamins and minerals than their “big” counterparts. Because by being the first states of those big ones, they contain all the nutritional value. They can lower bad cholesterol levels and minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. They contain antioxidants with high polyphenols levels that can play an important role in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. They regulate the blood sugar and therefore their use in diabetic patients is highly recommended. They can beautify the skin, makes the body more energetic and healthy. These are just a few of the benefits of microgreens.

It’s possible to purchase these seeds online or from grocery stores and cultivate them at your home. All you need are organic seeds, good quality soil, suitable containers and daylight.


  1. Cover the bottom of your container with 3 or 4 cm of organic soil. Distribute the seeds evenly on the top of the soil and gently press them into the soil with your hands. They shouldn’t be at the bottom of the container so be careful and then water the soil.
  2. After watering, cover the container and keep it away from sunlight. By not exposing your seeds to sunlight you will accelerate the germination process. You must keep your soil moisturized so water it daily.
  3. Once your seeds have germinated, remove the cover from your container and place it in a place with plenty of sunlight.
  4. In this stage water them every 2 days. When appropriate conditions are provided, the seeds will be transformed into microgreens within a period of 7 to 14 days.

In order to keep their nutritional value, it’s recommended to consume them raw. You can put them on your omelets on sandwiches after cutting with the help of scissors. However, if you want to keep your microgreens fresh for a long time after cutting, you can place them on a paper towel in an airtight glass container and keep it in the refrigerator.

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